About TAT

Welcome to TimeAfterTea (TAT)

Hello there! I’m Megan, the heart and soul behind this cozy little corner of the web. First and foremost, thank you for stopping by. If you’re a long-time reader, I owe you an extra dose of gratitude (and perhaps a touch of patience). And if you’re new here, I invite you to settle in with your favorite cup of tea (or wine, I won’t judge) and get to know me a bit better.

A Brief History

Back in 2013, fueled by passion and the urge to document the myriad facets of my life, I embarked on the beautiful journey of blogging with TimeAfterTea (TAT). For six delightful years, this space was brimming with stories, memories, advice, and everything in between. Life, with its unpredictable twists, led me to take a break and during that hiatus, my original writings vanished, replaced by something entirely different. But like they say, “True love finds its way back.” Here I am, in 2023, picking up where I left off.

Who Is Megan?

megan timeaftertea

I firmly believe in embracing life’s vibrancy—whether that means donning the most spirited outfits, laughing too loud, or diving headfirst into exciting escapades. I’m a vintage treasure hunter at heart, an avid bookworm, and someone who deeply cherishes the art of fine dining. Financial chic is my mantra, capturing life’s fleeting moments is my hobby, and surrounding myself with amazing people is my life’s philosophy.

The Essence of TimeAfterTea

This blog is a testament to life’s simplicity. While the grandeur of life’s significant events is undeniable, I firmly believe that the simple, day-to-day moments truly define our journey. Be it the joy of choosing an outfit in the morning, the aromatic allure of morning coffee, the therapeutic effects of evening wine, or the unconditional love of family, and these snippets color our world.

What Can You Expect Here?

TAT is a mosaic of my passions and experiences. From the warmth of my home and the beauty of my garden to the intricacies of running a business, from the allure of distant travels to the timeless charm of fashion and lifestyle. This blog promises a whirlwind of fun, advice, and a few surprises along the way.

A Humble Request

To my cherished audience, I hope you’ll stay. I understand the oddity of my absence and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Please know that TAT, its essence, and its mission remain unwavering. Your patience, love, and trust mean the world to me.

Let’s Embark on This Journey Together

Whether you’re here for inspiration, escapism, or just a casual read, I promise to serve you heartwarming stories, invaluable advice, and a touch of Megan in every post.

Thank you for being a part of my world. Here’s to new memories, adventures, and countless cups of tea (and wine)!